Obtaining Weapons Edit

In Project Destruction, weapons are spread out through the city to be picked up by players. Players can carry two weapons at a time and the current weapon can be switched by pressing the right bumper on the gamepad.

Weapon Tier System Edit

Weapons are separated into 3 different tiers. When a player picks up a weapon, it is the tier 1 version. When a player picks up a weapon they already have, the weapon is upgraded to the tier 2 version. Tier 3 is unlocked by a chest in the central plaza that is guarded by the Mech Suit. If a player drops a weapon that is upgraded, they lose all upgrades on that weapon.

Tier 1 Edit

Tier 1 weapons have only the standard attack unlocked.

Tier 2 Edit

Tier 2 weapons unlock the weapon's special attack.

Tier 3 Edit

Tier 3 weapons enhance either the weapon's standard attack or special attack.

Weapons Chart Edit

Below is a simple weapon chart for a quick reference to damage and cooldowns. For a more in depth explanation of how each weapon works, click on the weapon's name or navigate to specific weapons through the navigation bar under Gameplay.

Weapon Standard Attack Damage Standard Attack Cooldown Special Attack Damage Special Attack Cooldown
Kinetic Gauntlets 15 damage 1.6 Attacks per second

2 second CD after finishing attack

20 damage 5 seconds
Linear Death 10 damage 2 seconds 5-30 damage 5 seconds
Tectonic Hammers


6 damage 1.25 Attacks per second 25 damage 10 seconds
Tectonic Hammers


10 damage 0.5 Attacks per second 30 damage 5 seconds
Harpoon Bracers


5 damage initial

5 damage bleed

1.5 Attacks per second 0 damage 10 seconds
Harpoon Bracers


5 damage 1.5 Attacks per second 0 damage 10 seconds
Flamethrower 4 damage burn per second 1 second 15 damage initial

4 damage burn per second

10 seconds